8fit makes healthy living fun and simple by providing guidance and support – including tailored workouts and meal plans – in one easy to use app.

Founded in 2014, 8fit supports more than 25 million users worldwide on their individual journeys to healthier, happier lives. We push for progress over perfection, choose the best solution over the quick fix, and enjoy the journey to your healthiest mind and body yet. The company is based in Berlin and has more than 75 employees worldwide, and has raised $10M in funding to-date.

As Head of Marketing, my responsibilities encompassed driving the creative direction of the brand, including brand identity, creatives, and in-app content production. 8fit emerged as one of the pioneering and highly successful brands in the app fitness market, specifically targeting weight loss and muscle building. In light of the ever-growing competition and saturation of advertising spaces, we recognized the need to position the brand within a new target audience segment while creating a new corporate identity that resonated with them. This allowed us to establish a new unique selling proposition (USP) in the market without losing our existing customer base.  

To achieve this, I focused on creating a new brand identity that moves away from fat shaming and comparison thoughts. Instead, it appeals to our three new core target groups—those seeking improved self-esteem, prevention, and new parents—by emphasizing qualities such as high quality, body positivity, and diversity. This approach aimed to resonate with these audiences worldwide.

Through the brand's repositioning, we underwent app rebranding, produced new app content, implemented a customization strategy, and discovered a scalable approach to balance innovation and revenue generation.

With a well-thought-out marketing strategy, we produced performance marketing campaigns using the same app content and creatives, enabling us to incorporate real-time KPIs and user feedback into our product strategy. This remarkable synergy between product and marketing proved instrumental.

In collaboration with the leadership team and my own teams, we successfully developed a unique brand and app that not only thrived in a saturated market but also expanded our presence into the B2B sector, establishing integrations with notable brands like Withings.


In performance marketing, we implemented automation strategies to support the team in navigating the increasing pressures of the paid performance market, enabling us to act swiftly and efficiently.


With the 2020 POP (progress over perfect) campaign, we brought our new brand positioning into people's minds with humor.


In a world where everyone wants the perfect body, the best food, or the coolest lifestyle, we are there for those who find it all a bit overwhelming.


We are there for those who want to celebrate small successes. Because that's possible with 8fit.