InsurTech startup and most funded in the field (40 Mio) aiming to create the ideal insurance for millenials and digital society. As as a start-up, Coya is still building it’s structures and growing it’s marketing team, a challenge I liked being part of.

As a freelance Creative Marketing Director I helped lay the foundation for the brand identity, design language and marketing funnels. I conceptualized sale, brand and images campaigns, such as the ‘Coya Saves Your Ass’ bike campaign, where we distributed on-brand Coya bike covers across town, among other online activities. 

The experience with Coya reminded me of the importance for modern brands to incorporate both knowledge from data and performance marketing with knowledge from design and classic branding. 


It strengthened me in my mission to be a ‘360’ Creative Marketing Director that can bring together these different fields, and help companies face the challenges of reaching and resonating with their users in the 21st century.