As the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) in a startup, my responsibilities encompassed a variety of areas aimed at successfully positioning the brand and driving the company's growth. Through our weekly highly intensive management meetings, our leadership team collaborated holistically to scale the product, company, marketing, and sales internationally, all under a unified vision.


One of my main tasks was to position Humanoos' brand in six different countries, including Germany, Switzerland, Austria, England, France, and the United Arab Emirates. Additionally, I led the core team in Germany and satellite teams in various company locations.

In carrying out these tasks, I was supported on a daily basis by my highly successful and high-performing team in the areas of content, production, brand, and design. Together, we created written and visual content for the positioning and marketing of the brand in the B2B, B2C, and B2I sectors. This included advertisements for social media marketing, print campaigns, whitepapers and handbooks, webinars, success stories, brand videos, sales materials, and strategies for product campaigns to increase app engagement. 


In 2021, I managed a pure advertising budget of €2.5 million, as well as additional expenses for creative development and placement, to position the brand against growing competition and support the sales team. Therefore we focused on LinkedIn, Event-  and Press-Marketing supported with the work of a best in class Sales Team. Our success was built on a coherent and targeted marketing strategy that positioned the Humanoo brand and highlighted our competitive advantages. Through targeted advertising campaigns, innovative content creation, and close collaboration with the sales team, we were able to achieve strong market penetration, surpass our revenue goals, and achieve an 80% growth increase compared to the previous year (2021/22), as well as secure a Series B funding round of $10 million. 

The recognition as a top 5 start-up by Gründerszene and Businessinsider has rewarded our hard work and success as a startup. It encourages us to continue developing innovative marketing strategies and strengthening our position in the industry. As the CMO, I am proud to be part of this success and will continue to give my best to drive the growth and success of Humanoo.

It has been an exciting and challenging journey where I have learned a great deal about company culture, crisis management, business strategy, internationalization, business case evaluation, prioritization, strategy, leadership, and my own strengths and weaknesses.

I am more than proud of what we have achieved together and look back with pride on a brand that still holds a special place in my heart.

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