IC! Berlin is a high-quality eyewear brand offering screwless glasses made in Berlin. This social media campaign and the refiguration of its website were integral to creating a new and more professional online brand identity that established IC! Berlin as a player in the digital space. 


Thanks to this campaign, it grew from a local startup to an international success,  able to keep pace with large brands in the highly competitive eyewear market. Today their products are considered a benchmark of good craftsmanship and they are worn by stars like Brad Pitt, Hugh Grant, Madonna, Vin Diesel and more. 

As Creative Marketing Director I lead a team of 25 people and was solely in charge of building the brands online identity. With a strong focus on social media, I developed an adequate performance marketing strategy that took into account factors like KPI’s, target groups, algorithm channels and overall trends.

Producing both organic and paid content simultaneously for several platforms, and juggling the various algorithmic needs and contexts of Instagram and Facebook, was certainly a challenge. 


However, as fan of eyewear as a means of personal expression, the exciting opportunity to completely rethink a brand and put them on the map in the online marketing space was purely rewarding.