Innovativing with a Direct Response Television Spot (DRTV) for one of the biggest medical shoe brands. 

Leading the project and team, I created a Direct Response Television Spot (DRTV), for a shoe retailer that reimagines medical shoes in a cute and trendy way. 

The project was exciting because this new type of TV spot adapts live data into the marketing funnel. A DRTV generates data with an inexpensive spot, that can be integrated into the performance strategy and used to iterate the videos. It’s a low risk and digital savvy way to create content for TV in the digital age. 

Creating the DRTV with LaShoe allowed me to hone my digital marketing skills and taught me how to integrating customer feedback on a continual basis, like performance marketing, in a TV spot. 


It also meant a lot to me to boost a product that empowers women with the foot disease Hallux Valgus, allowing them to express themselves fashionably like everyone else.