I was born in Kreuzberg, Berlin in what at the time was the American sector. Growing up in this multicultural melting pot and the trend capital of Europe, not only shaped my values and way of living but also influenced my sense of design and style. The chance to work in the so-called ‘Berlin Valley’ gave me the opportunity to combine my lifestyle with work. I’ve always been fascinated by art and different subcultures, which also shapes how I lead teams and my openness to diversity and novelty in the workspace. In German, we call it “über den Tellerand schauen“ - looking over the edge of your own plate so to say. 

There is a common notion that creatives are not able to work in a performance driven way.  While this is not purely a myth, this is not the case for me. As a lifelong athlete my experience with roller derby, soccer, and American football taught me that reaching your goals is never easy, but possible with endurance, and hard work. By playing in the national team and German Bundesliga, I learned how to get back up after a defeat and use every set back as a way to improve. 

Whatever I can't do, I'll make sure to acquire fast with hard work and dedication.    

Sports showed me what teamwork and, fairlplay mean. Reaching a goal together as a team is more rewarding than anything I know. 

It's the kind of thing that sets me on fire.