Producing a live video for the  ‘Superdry Sounds’ music event for international fashion retail brand. In collaboration with two world renowned beatboxers, I produced a video for this fashion retail brand’s festival music tour ‘Superdry Sounds’ (part of the Melt music festival). We set up a stand where people could come and guess what song the beatboxers were beatboxing, and rewarded with a pair of glasses from Superdry’s new collection if they guessed correctly. The goal was to create performance optimized videos for the brands social media channels (Facebook, Instagram) and expand Superdry’s global reach and online presence. 

This was a project I lead through my role as Creative & Marketing Director of Social Chain Germany. I was in charge of coordinating and producing the video for the German speaking Region and managing the project team. I was also on set to oversee and ensure quality during production and post-production. It was an enriching experience to lead this international project and diverse team, as well as navigated the challenge of creating a professional environment in this very ‘fun’ and leisurely setting of a festival.