During my studies, I met Sebastian Pollok and became part of the founding team of one of Germany’s (and Europe’s) most innovative-commerce companies AMORELIE. As disruptors of industry, we wanted to change the image of the sex shops and toys from something ‘dirty’ to something fun, personal and related to love. 

 Inspired by fashion, we aimed to offer a sex shop experience that feels safe, like a lifestyle product, and which would appeal to people of all ages, genders and sexual orientations. The company has not only won many awards,  but has also shaped the sex toy market in a positive way. 


As Creative Director I was in charge of developing corporate identity. I helped build the company from scratch and create a brand that is scalable to any campaigning size and durable over a longer period of time. 

Together with incubators like Springstar and Pro7 media group, I created the branding and marketing processes that would form the foundation of the company’s corporate identity and established a clear brand that encouraged people to trust in this ‘lifestyle product’. 

I am proud to have been part of this pioneering company and to have shaped a product that helps millions of people improve their love life. Amorelie not only made me a fast performer, it was a project that truly represented my personal values and communication style and the success of this company still inspires me today. 


I love bigger-than-life-challenges, and Amorelie was certainly one of them.