This political campaign aimed to raise awareness around animal rights, by sending politicians reminders for their 20th birthday about the rights of pets, circus animals, horse and carriages and medical trials on animals.

In addition, this six month campaign hoped to put pressure on local politics with its physical presence throughout the city. We launched a print campaign together with a campaign website, covered these six topics and displaying them on billboards throughout the city. 


Following the campaign, we hosted a Gala at the Berliner Friedrichstadt Palast with numerous prominent guests from politics, animal protection rights and TV to draw attention to the efforts of the association and raise funds for the cause.


This project was completed with my personal agency Heat Creative, which I founded and lead together with my partner as a ‘360’ marketing and brand agency. Here we did everything from consulting and conceptualizing, to production, coordination and planning of the entire campaign. 

The project grew out of an organic knowledge that I was an animal activist who had just created her own agency. As a vegan and proponent of animal rights myself, this project was particularly close to my heart, as it supports a cause I feel strongly about.